Protect Your Children & Pets

from harmful chemical exposure that pollutes our environment. We have done our research and have developed an eco-friendly fertilization and pest control solution that provides amazing results! Over the past 30 years we have been providing organic fertilization and pest control products for the Organic Farming Industry with safe proven products.

We next introduced our turf products and have field tested on over 150 Golf Courses, the results were unbelievable. Less Chemicals, more draught tolerant and richer thick healthy turf.

Today we now offer Tampa Bay’s homeowners these same high quality proven products with safe proven organic and natural turf and shrub formulations that helps save our environment and yields incomparable results.
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Turf & Weed Control

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Our monthly service program consists of liquid organic and natural fertilizers that promote root growth not top growth. This natural method produces a thick healthy lawn that naturally chokes out weeds.

Irrigation Systems

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As an Organic Safe Lawns client you are entitled to free irrigation checks and discounted irrigation services; including repair of your existing sprinkler system or installation of a new irrigation system.

Pest & Disease Control

pest & disease control with our organic products
Sudden changes in your turf are signs of pests or disease. Some conditions require immediate action to prevent turf loss. We use our own manufactured all natural products to ensure your lawn stays healthy.

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Why Choose Us

30+ Years of Experience

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Organic Safe Lawns Inc. has been an innovator in applying proven bio-remediation to beautify and detoxify properties for over 30 years in the Tampa Bay area. Our products actually remove harmful chemicals and petroleum based waste from your soil.

5,000+ Completed Projects

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We have been in business since 2007 and have eliminated harmful chemical and carcinogen exposure to over 5,000 families! Organic Safe Lawns Inc. believes in providing safe, chemical-free and eco friendly fertilizers & pesticides that provides a beautiful healthy green turf, shrubs and palm trees.

All Natural Solutions

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We take pride in our in the products we use. That’s why we began manufacturing our own organic and all natural products as an effective alternative to toxic fertilizers and pesticides to get the job done without polluting our environment.

Professional & Experienced Staff

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Our technicians have had at least 10 years prior experience, extensive training by Organic Safe Lawns Inc. including courses at UF, and are all licensed with the Green Industry Best Management Practices training by the state of Florida. Our staff is involved in new product development and beta testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s in your organic fertilizers?

Our organic fertilizers are made from minerals “mined” from the earth. These mined materials contain Humic Acids (decayed animal life) and Fulvic Acids (decayed plant life). We only purchase “dry” mined materials. These are materials that are not found under waterways, rivers, lakes etc. Our studies have concluded that “dry” mined materials are much richer deposits and yield higher plant production capabilities. We specify mining directly above the shale layer. Above the shale layer in the earth the materials have not yet solidified.

How Does Organic Fertilizer Work?

Organic fertilizers work truly as a “soil enricher”. Typically in Florida we have two types of soil: sand and clay. Both types contain very little minerals to support plant life. Our products are emulsified with water and held in suspension to allow the product to flow as a cohesive unit. When we spray this mixture of minerals, micro and macro nutrients, and natural microscopic enzymes and bacterias in to the barren Florida soils, we actually create a pH-balanced soil full of naturally found minerals. We create a soil like the great Midwest corn belt! These new found minerals are eagerly “absorbed” through the starving plant’s root system.

Why Do you Fertilize Monthly?

As described above, our organic and natural products simply treat the poor soil here in Florida. The plant virtually absorbs these minerals, enzymes and bacterias until it is removed from the soil. This process takes about 30 days. That is why we must come back and replenish the supply.

How Do You Treat Unwanted Pests in the Yard?

We treat the pests (bugs) in your turf and plants that cause damage. Here in Florida that includes Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworms and Mole Crickets in the turf. In the shrubs and plants we are plagued with White Fly, Aphids, Leafminers and scales. We effectively treat these plants and turf with Organic Pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are derived from the Chrysanthemum plants by removing their naturally found acids and emulsifying them with water. Did you know Pyrethrin’s are powerful enough to kill termites?

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