Product Application and Timing

Organic Safe Lawns practices enviromentally friendly safe applications of fertilizers, weed and pest control. Throughout the year our Florida weather can change drastically from heavy rains, to extended droughts, from extreme heat and humidity to hard dry freeze conditions. These unique weather changes often affect the condition of your turf and plants creating stress, disease, and pest and weed control issues.



Interactive Custom Programs

Organic Safe Lawns utilizes proven preventaive measures to insure your turf and plants look their best. Our fertilization program is interactive with the weather and seasons. We adapt our fertilization, herbicide and pesticide treatments on a monthly basis based upon your own current properties condition.

Company Products

Turf Plus

This product contains chelated iron and magnesuim combined with humic and fulvic acids derived from leonardite. This product will produce natural nitrogen to maintain lush healthy lawns throughout the season and promotes healthy root grow. "Turf Plus" Buffers soil ph until corrected.

Micronutrient Plus

Chelated Micro nutritional made for turf helps maintain healthy turf that requires less maintenance. .


Iron Plus

This product contains chelated iron and manganese to produce an instant dark green turf color. "Iron Plus" stays green longer then chelated iron alone.

Calcium Plus

Calcium is critical in plant cell development. Soil testing is recommended to determine requirements for your soil. "Calcium Plus" 100 % celated is water soluble that are non-phytotoxic when used as directed.



Seaweed Plus

Harvested from the deep cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Derived from pure Ascophylum Nodosum. “Seaweed Plus” promotes increased root growth, increasing tolerances to stressful conditions


Sulfur Plus

Sulfur is recognized as a secondary plant nutrient and is in the same class of Calcium and Magnesium.


Featured Product

Root Grow Plus

Root Grow Plus is our premier product that contains humic and fulvic acid. We use this product in every liquid fertilization application with combinations of our other products. Root Grow is a dirreitive of leanordite shale that is mined in dry mines. This leanordite is rich minerals and nutrients. Fulvic acid contained in the leonardite is basiclly delayed plant life. Fulvic acid acts as a bridge compound that allows the plants to up take up to 70% more nutrients, this product is only through Organic Safe Lawns.

Can I buy these products?

Organic Safe Lawns offers the purchase of the product on our online website feel free to browse the site and if you have more questions please contact us.