Our Services

Turf and Weed Control

Our monthly service program consists of a combination grannular and liquid organic and natural fertilzers that promote root growth not top growth. This natural method produces a thick healthy lawn that naturally chokes out weeds.


As an Organic Safe Lawn client you are entitled to free irrigation checks and discounted irrigation services.


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Pest and Disease Control

Sudden changes in your turf are signs of pests or disease. Some conditions require immediate action to prevent turf loss.

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Soil Sampling

If you have turf areas or plantings that just doesn't seem to do well, it could be a sign of poor soil. As an Organic Safe Lawn Client we will provide free soil tests.


Turf Care Advice

Organic Safe Lawns now offers a Turf Care Advice Section

Organic Safe Lawns realizes that your turf is very important to you as a customer. We now provide a section on our website to advice and tips to help us keep you yard in top notch shape click the read more button below.