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Protect you children and pets........

from harmful Chemical Exposure that pollutes our environment. It is true our current way of thinking about lawn care is causing unnecessary exposure to known carcinogens to our children and pets by simply playing in their own back yard.  Run off from these same chemicals are polluting our waterways, and aquifers and are killing our wildlife.

   Finally, we can put a stop to this cycle by utilizing all natural proven bio-remediation and organic products and services that are safe to use and safe for the environment.

   We now provide monthly application services at very reasonable rates. To get a free lawn survey and application costs please fill out our Form in "contact us" or call us directly and recieve a special discount on your first application.







What We Offer

Proven Products and Programs.......

Organic Safe Lawns Inc. is the organically correct choice for residential and commercial lawn care. Organic Safe Lawns Inc. has been an innovator in applying proven bio-remediation technology to beautify and detoxify your property. Our products actually remove harmful chemicals and petroleum based waste from your soil and create lush beautiful healthy lawns.