Protect your children and pets.....

from harmful Chemical Exposure that pollutes our enviorment. It is true our current way of thinking about lawn care is causing unnecessary exposure to know carcinogens to our children and pets by simply playing in their own back yard. Run off from these same checmicals are polluting our waterways, and aquifers and are killing our wildlife.


Pest and Disease

Can you recognise disease or insect damage in your turf?

Did you know that there are many ways for you to damage your turf?

If you are interested in knowing about the problems that affect your turf, Organic Safe Lawns turf care advice can provide useful information.

Going Green Together........

Organic Safe Lawns is Tampa Bay's first truly Organic and Natural Fertilization and Pest Control Company. We have done our research and have developed an eco friendly fertilization and pest control solution that provides amazing results! Over the past 20 years we have been providing organic fertilization and pest control products for the Organic Farming Industry with safe proven products. We next introduced our turf products and have field tested on over 150 Golf Courses, the results were unbelievable. Less Chemicals, more draught tolerant, and richer thick healthy turf.Today we now offer Tampa Bay's homeowners this same high quality proven products with safe proven organic and natural turf and shrub formulations that helps save our environment and yields uncomparable results.



"My yard was a mess, I just retired and wanted to have a beautiful yard. Organic Safe Lawns has spent the time to bring my yard back, its now dark green and filing out! Amazing"





"We switched to Organic Safe Lawns and our yard has never looked better! I used them to repair my irrigation and they did an excellent job"